Elementary and Middle School

Tutoring Excellence summer programs are individualized to your student’s needs.  So, if your student is behind in school we can help them get to grade level, if your child is at grade level we can work them to get them ahead and if your student is gifted we can work to enrich their learning and keep them challenged.

Study Skills

At Tutoring Excellence, we start by focusing on reading standards which require students to read and comprehend nonfiction passages at grade level, write objective summaries of nonfiction text, and use context clues to determine the meaning of unfamiliar words.  In addition, we focus on developing organizational skills, interpreting visual information in charts, graphs, and timelines, solving analogies, recognizing cause/effect, note taking with graphic organizers, outlining, and writing a report.

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Transition Classes

Algebra I
Algebra II & Trig.
Pre Calculus & Calculus

Academic Writing

Tutoring Excellence prepares students for the writing challenges they will face throughout their academic life by focusing on these writing forms: argument papers, research papers, expository writing, exam and standardized test essays.  We work with the students to insure the use of proper grammar and clarity in what they are writing.  Coaching is done to insure common writing pitfalls are avoided including: Active vs Passive Voice, correct punctuation and common words that are misused.  In addition, we work with students to insure proper citation (MLA) and avoiding issues of plagiarism.

SAT/ACT Prep Program

What a great time to study for your SAT or ACT exam.  You have no classwork, so your entire focus can be given to prepare for this exam.  Our SAT/ACT programs are individualized to your needs, the scores you need to go to your top college and if there is any remedial tutoring needed to assist with reading, writing, and math skills.

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