Summer tutoring is a great opportunity for your student to power-up; whether it’s honing their current skills or developing new skills and preparing for the new school year. Tutoring Excellence is here to help with a wide range of subjects that are individualized to your student’s needs.

Tutoring Excellence begins the process of individualizing each subject with an initial academic evaluation and a parent conference. A flexible schedule is arranged to ensure your child is able to attend consistently. That consistency is key in allowing your child to maximize their learning and develop the motivation and confidence necessary to succeed in this upcoming school year.

Pre-K – Kindergarten

The expectations for students entering Pre-K and Kindergarten continue to rise. Tutoring Excellence is here to help your child succeed by working with them as they learn foundational skills like letter recognition, phonics, reading skills, and numbers.


Powering-up all levels of learning! At Tutoring Excellence your elementary child will reinforce and build a solid foundation of skills including reading fluency and comprehension, grammar, creative writing and composition, and foundational math and study skills.

Dyslexia Solutions

For students struggling with reading difficulties like dyslexia and letter recognition Tutoring Excellence offers one-on-one tutoring tailored to your child’s specific needs from kindergarten – 12th grade.  We employ the Orton-Gillingham approach; a multisensory curriculum that utilizes the four learning pathways (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Tactile) often called “Structured Literacy”.  Students meet 2 or more times per week with each session touching on fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, grammar, phonics, and phonemic awareness.  Tutoring Excellence’s program is approved by the Colorado Department of Education and meets the National Institute of Health description of best practices for students with dyslexia.

Transition Success

Elementary to Middle or Middle to High School

Power-up for a transition year of success! Transition years can be a big deal. Tutoring Excellence is here to assist your child with focused strategies including but not limited to: organization skills, time management, note taking, reading, study strategies, and learning with technology.

Middle School

Powering–up for success in middle school!  Middle school for your child can be an exciting time as they come into their own with their own opinions and social group. For many students they find increased workloads, test volume, quizzes and writing assignments to be overwhelming and difficult to navigate. Tutoring Excellence provides individualized tutoring programs to help your child surmount the hurdles of education as they progress.

High School

Power-up for high school success! Your high school student may feel as if their workload has tripled since they entered high school; they may even be right! Even the best students can feel overwhelmed; if your teen is struggling to stay on top of their homework, projects, and studying, we can help! Tutoring Excellence provides a tutoring program that targets your teen’s specific needs; improving their confidence and preparing them for future challenges.

College Prep

With everything that’s going on in your teen’s life, ensuring they are ready for the challenges that lie ahead needs to be a priority. Give your teen the best opportunity to get into the school of their choice.  Tutoring Excellence can assist with preparation for standardized exams, AP & IB classes, college essays, and the college admissions process.


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