Start Thinking About Summer Programs Now

Students today seem to have more summer learning options than parents ever did.  School districts offer summer school, teachers tutor, colleges run kid learning programs, and don’t forget about the plethora of activity camps that are available.  It leaves parents asking, “Which one is best for my child?” Keeping students’ minds engaged in learning over the summer has become essential for many parents. This is a fantastic time for students of all levels to either get caught up, get ahead or stay ahead in the coming school year. Summer learning helps students reinforce previously-taught material. They can also prepare for the new challenges the school year will bring. Don’t wait until the last minute, now is the time to plan your child’s schedule. Here are some key factors to keep in mind as one evaluates summer learning programs.

Academic Reinforcement

Summer learning can provide tremendous benefits, regardless of the subject. Some programs offer strong development of key skills such as STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). One should pick a program that reinforces concepts students learned during the school year. Students will need a strong foundation to build upon in the upcoming school year. Students who are going to take advanced courses such as IB or AP courses should get a leg up over the summer. In addition, any college-bound high school student should utilize their summer time to work on their SAT /ACT tests and prepare their college essays.

Personalized Attention

Summer tutoring can present a large amount of material into a handful of sessions and help students engage with the material. The best programs are individualized to each student’s needs, not a one-size-fits-all approach. At Tutoring Excellence, each students’ programs are customized to fit their individual needs. This is not summer school or a classroom setting, this is learning designed to meet one’s child exactly where they are. By meeting students where they currently are in their academics, one can identify and overcome learning gaps; this allows students to have measurable growth over the summer.

Students Who Want to Be College-Bound

Many summer programs offer students opportunities to work on general academics, but summer is also a great time to enrich oneself and become college ready. This involves one working on: prep courses for AP, honors or IB classes, critical reading, SAT/ACT prep., study skills, pre-calculus and calculus review.  Summer is a great time for college visits and narrowing down the potential schools one would like to attend. Starting this process early—narrowing down potential college choices—will assist one when application time arrives as a senior. As we mentioned, summer programs can provide a great foundation for coursework during the school year as well, giving one’s child a better shot at a top GPA.  If one is thinking about programs like these for one’s child, consider Tutoring Excellence Test Prep course offerings. Our expert tutors know how to explain concepts, ease frustrations, and build confidence!

Location-Based Learning

Summer programs don’t just need to be centered around one’s hometown. One can explore programs in other states, and, in some cases, other countries. Depending on the program and what one’s child wishes to study, overseas programs can provide tremendous benefits. Imagine studying marine biology in San Diego, history in London, French in Paris, and Spanish in Ecuador. Overseas programs can provide a whole different dimension to learning and provide opportunities to meet students from around the world.

Summer programs are a valuable opportunity for students of any age. With some planning early on, you can help ensure your child gets into the program that best suits his or her specific needs and goals!

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