February Focus for Students

February Focus for Students

As another month ticks by under the pandemic, we are seeing students sliding even further behind in academics. It is time to get our students back on track and control the things we can control. As parents, we cannot control when schools go back to full time sessions; we cannot control the speed in which the vaccine is being sent out or administered. What we can control is stopping the COVID slide now and taking control of our student’s academic progress by knowing how far they have slid and establishing an academic goal to get them caught up!

  1. Evaluate and analyze where your child is academically. By knowing where your child is now you can set steps in place to assist your child in achieving academic success.
  2. Proactively identify potential roadblocks and create new learning opportunities. Hitting roadblocks is a part of life but learning how to overcome those obstacles and still achieve your goals will ensure your student succeeds.
  3. Keeping on track toward your goals requires accountability. It is easy to drive off a road when you get distracted. Just like it is easy to lose sight of your goals if you are not holding yourself accountable.
  4. Reevaluate your child’s progress toward their goals. On a road trip at each gas station, it is easy to evaluate your progress toward your goal. Each report card time is your gas station in academics, the pit stop needed to check that everything is functioning properly.
  5. Keep positive, praise effort, and make learning fun.

If your child could use some extra help reaching his or her academic goals, Tutoring Excellence is here for support! Our tutors are the best at easing frustrations, setting goals, and helping kids succeed.

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