Holiday Break Ideas

Holiday break, a wonderful time to spend with family, go skiing or snowboarding and spending time in the outdoors.  Moms report that holiday break is all about chasing after one’s children.   Many moms tell us, “the Holiday break is for my children not for me.”  As a society, we have created a school break were students believe they have a complete reprieve from learning and a time just for fun.  Learning though should never take a break.  Children’s brains should be constantly stimulated to learn, but this doesn’t mean a classroom setting.  Learning during the holiday break should be a time for hands-on learning that engages creativity and targets a child’s interests.  Before they know it, they are having fun, engaging in activities and are learning new concepts.   Here are a few ideas to help your child keep learning and keep moms sane through the holiday break.

Plan a meal.   Children learn time-management, math, reading, writing and an art skill.    Provide a cookbook or have your child search an online cooking site to find a simple recipe for a meal.    Being a mom and giving up one’s kitchen can be a difficult proposition but letting one’s children be in charge will maximize the learning experience.  Be there to answer questions, keep children safe, and assist whenever needed.   Model to them how to create a shopping list. Have them estimate cooking times and prepare a meal schedule. Most of all don’t be afraid to let your children spice up one’s life.

Make a craft.   Children learn art skills, develop time-management, dexterity, and engage their creative juices.   No better time than the holidays to create crafts.  A simple craft idea is to have children make holiday cards for their relatives.  One can also go to the internet and find thousands of simple craft ideas. To even make it more exciting integrate other aspects of art, such as clay, paint, and drawing materials to make this craft time memorable.

Visit the Library. Yes, libraries do still exist. In many cases the programs the libraries offer have changed dramatically since we were kids.  Throughout the holiday’s libraries offer many activities and events for children.   The library is the best destination for children to explorer their passion for reading.  This is a great chance for children to explore subjects that interest them.

Explore museums.  Museums teach children about science, history, the arts, build depth to learning, and so much more.  Museums offer the opportunity to enjoy quality fun time together, so make it a family outing.   After the trip, follow up with a simple writing assignment about what they saw and experienced.

Holiday breaks need to be enjoyable for children but bearable for moms.  This involves a little planning and moms using their imagination.  Some of the best mom memories moms have shared are times when their moms made learning fun.  Most of these involved moms thinking outside of the box and engaging their creative side.    Every mom can make these same memories with their own children.   It can be as simple as having high tea with the queen and Barbie or kicking a soccer ball and being a soccer superstar like Pele.   Make your holiday memories fun and enjoyable.   Have a safe and fun holiday break!

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