January Checklist for Success

January Checklist for Success

The holidays are over! The New Year is here! School is soon to be back in season! Now is the time to ensure your child is starting the New Year focused and determined to succeed. Here are our suggestions for January.


  1. Make Family Resolutions.

A bunch of individuals running in different directions isn’t a united family. Coming together and making a family resolution can unite any family. These resolutions can involve a family night with pizza and a movie, a Sunday dinner, planning a vacation or a ski weekend, or having a once a week game night. The key to this resolution is creating family interconnection with activities all members enjoy.


  1. Make Education Goals.

Setting goals is a great learning activity for students. Goals can explore a child’s strengths, weaknesses or can focus on learning a new skill. Halfway through the year your student can review and revise their goals. This gives parents a great time to celebrate their child’s achievements and accomplishments!


  1. Make a Household Resolution

Moms know that during the calendar year there are times that the household gets so busy that it falls apart. A household resolution is a means to be proactive and rectify these issues. For children, this resolution can involve adjusting home routines such as, homework time, study time, or bedtime. As adults, this can involve watching less television, putting down one’s phone or electronics, or having family time to clean the house.


  1. Plan for a snow day.

Living in Colorado, the weather is often unpredictable.  One can go to bed with the meteorologist predicting dry conditions and wake to two feet of snow. School is closed! The kids are jumping up and down! Mom had planned thousands of things to do and now all will need to be canceled. A good book, a fire place and a nice cup of tea would be a great way to spend that day. Everyone in the house though, wants to play in the snow, go sledding, and have fun. However, these days are also a great time for students to catch up or get ahead on classwork, to work on projects and get organized. The key here is plan for a snow day in advance, so one is prepared when it happens.


  1. Make resolutions for extracurricular activities.

As moms, it is important for us to keep school as a priority, but extracurricular activities are important as well. They build children’s confidence, helps them explore new activities, and give them new challenges. There are tons of after school activities that children can get involved in. They can try out for a local theater company, play a sport, or join a school club. Students also can explore potential career paths by volunteering at the animal shelter, working with Habitat for Humanity, local engineering firm, or even volunteering at the library.


  1. Make a Resolution for Summer Learning

Blink and summer will be here! The days of idol minds through long school breaks results in significant impacts on student learning. No matter the student level, summer learning will improve their abilities and keep them on the college bound track. There are many learning opportunities for students during the summer break including: STEM camps, Summer School, Summer Camps and more. Plan a summer resolution before summer arrives.

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