Summer Is the Best Time to Prep for the SAT, ACT or PSAT Test

Summer is the time of year where High School students kickback, relax, hang out with friends, work a summer job, or dip their feet in a cool swimming pool. Without the rigors of school, summer is the perfect time to start preparing for college. Specifically, it is a great time to get yourself ready for the SAT, ACT or PSAT tests. Utilizing your summer free time will help you achieve a fantastic test result in the fall.

Here is a shocking revelation: as a high school student, you desire independence and freedom from your mother and father, so you probably put a lot of effort into getting your driver’s license. You more than likely went to a driving school to lower your car insurance bill. You had to study the Drivers Manual and had to spend a given number of hours driving with adult supervision. Simply, you didn’t just show up to the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicle and achieve the needed score to become a licensed driver. The same effort is needed over the summer to prepare for the high stakes testing for college admissions. Here are some points to get you started this summer:


What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses?

Start the process of preparing for a SAT or ACT by taking a real practice test. This practice test will show you your strengths and weaknesses, the format of the material, material being covered and the time restraints of each test section. A free SAT, ACT or PSAT test can be taken at any Tutoring Excellence location. Just call your local center to schedule an appointment to take any of these tests.


Establishing a Summer Test Preparation Routine

Why is a goal important when studying for the SAT/ACT or PSAT? Setting a goal creates the spark to ignite your ambitions. It gives you the inspiration to target dreams that you never thought were possible. If you want to attend a college or university, you must achieve their admission standards for the SAT or ACT tests.  Your university choices, therefore, will determine your score goal.


There are many resources to create a goal. Tutoring Excellence prefers the SMART goal method when you are preparing for the SAT or ACT tests.

S – Specific

What Score do you need to obtain to attend your college of choice?

How much time and effort will you put in this summer to attain that score?

M – Measurable

How will you know when you have achieved your score goal?

How will you measure your preparation progress?

A – Attainable

How will you attain this goal?

R – Relevant

How is this score relevant? How will this score help you achieve your long-term goals?  This is important because if you believe a standardized test score has no value, then your opinion will dictate the amount of effort you will put forward.

T – Time-Based

When will you achieve your goal?  What is the time frame?


What Tasks Do You Need to Perfect? 

You need to know what tasks you need to perfect to do well on these tests. These tasks are generated by your strengths or weaknesses on the practice test.  Here are some example tasks:

Work on your speed reading and timing.

Practice your comprehension and critical reading skills.

Create math formula flash cards.

Take additional practice tests to identify progress.

Review practice test results and go over missed questions.

Plan out your study routine on a calendar.

Procrastination is your enemy. Don’t wait until the last minute to start preparing for your SAT, ACT or PSAT test. Create a Standardized test prep goal and achieve it by holding yourself accountable and establishing a summer test prep routine. Tutoring Excellence is here to assist you in achieving your goals. Give us a call or stop by any of our locations to obtain more information.

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