How to Succeed at Parent Teacher Conferences

How to Succeed at Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent teacher conferences is the time where you can check in on the academic progress and social development of your child.   The number of teachers you’re schedule to meet with, and with the limited time scheduled it can be a challenge for you to get a good assessment of your child’s progress.

Cherilyn Ashley, Chief Communication Officer at Tutoring Excellence, suggests that you sit down before the conference and write out your questions for each teacher. Limit those questions to one or two essential questions for each classroom teacher.  Cherilyn Ashley has a provided a list of starter questions to assist you.

  1. What skills are the most important to have to succeed in your class?
  2. If concerned about low grades:
    1. Does the grade reflect a lack of effort on my child’s part, or lack of understanding the material?
    2. What can we do from the home to support our child in your class?
  3. Do you see any problems (reading, math, etc.) that I should be aware of?

This is also the perfect time to discus with the teacher about any external circumstances that could be affecting your child’s performance: death in family, divorce, illness, learning disability, or COVID related issues.  Remember the teacher is not your adversary and their desire is to help your child succeed.  Therefore, this one-on-one conference is a great time to establish the groundwork for effective communication that can last the whole year.

In these conferences, your child’s teacher may discuss getting your child extra assistance.  This is when Tutoring Excellence can help!  Our expert tutors can boost your child’s skills, confidence, and ability to perform in the classroom.  Please don’t wait, contact your local Tutoring Excellence Center today.

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