November Tutoring Excellence Checklist for K-12 Success

November Tutoring Excellence Checklist for K-12 Success

Elementary and Middle School Checklist

Review Your Goals:

This should be an ongoing activity each month. How are you progressing toward your goals? Do you need to make any adjustments or course corrections? If you do, make these changes quickly.

Evaluate Your Home and School Routines:

With your home routine in place, do a self-evaluation to see how you can improve. The routines to evaluate are homework, study time, bedtime, and family time. Also be sure to evaluate your children’s school day, their teachers, and any concerns they may have.   This is a good time to check to see if they can benefit from tutoring.

Update Your Family Calendar

Special school days, book reports, science fairs, special projects, extracurricular activities, concerts, school plays, and sporting events should be included on your family calendar. You should also add all family activities, trips, and vacations. This helps make sure all family members are up-to-date and know their responsibilities/obligations.


High School Junior Checklist

November is an important month for high school juniors prepping for college. The eyes of the world are upon you, and every move you make matters.  We are referring to your academic footprint, extracurricular activities, and all the items that will be included on your college applications. Your focus needs to be devoted to preparing for standardized testing, doing college research, keeping your grades up, and making sure you are choosing the right classes for you. Below are the six essential things that should on your checklist:

    • Stay on track in your classes and keep your grades up
    • Meet with your counselor to discuss being college bound
    • Create a standardized testing plan
    • Start evaluating college options
    • Create a list of colleges that you are researching
    • Continue to explore your career or degree path options through extracurricular activities.


Senior High School Checklist

The end of the college application process is now in sight.  Keep your eyes on the prize. Here are your checklist essentials:

    • If you are applying for early admission, it is time to finalize and send your application. Most applications are due this month
    • Finalize your application essays
    • Check with your school to find out procedure for sending official transcripts
    • Register to take or retake the SAT/ACT test
    • Finalize your college list
    • Make sure your deadline calendar is up to date
    • Start filling out common application materials
    • Make an appointment with your guidance counselor to ensure you’re on track to graduate and prospective school admission requirements are met
    • Start thinking about financial aid and continue researching/applying for scholarships

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